Why We Should Be Fair Sometimes

Be Careful Why Blaming Others.
There is a man who has repeatedly accused the government of massive corruption through social media.
When You Criticize, Think Twice!!
The young man named ‘Benard’ was one day invited to the Government house by the Governor of his state, who directed Benard to charter a ‘TAXI’ that he (the Governor) will pay when he arrived and that he had already instructed the security details at the gate for his free passage…
Mr. Benard arrived as instructed and the Governor told him to let the TAXI Driver go and that his men will drop him later…
He gave Benard $20,000 dollars to give the TAXI man as a way of empowering the poor Driver as well as to let the TAXI Driver always remember the very day he brought a passenger to the Government House…. Then he went out and gave the Taxi Man money and came back.
The Governor asked Mr. Benard upon his return from paying the TAXI,’’What was the reaction of the Driver after giving him such a huge amount?
Ben answered that the Taxi man was actually dazed with shock!!!
Unknown to Mr. Benard, the security details at the 2nd gate had been asked to stop the Taxi man and bring him back…
When the Taxi man was brought back to the Governor’s Office, the Governor asked him,’’How much did Mr. Ben give you???
And the Taxi man said $200 dollars..
This happened in the presence of ‘Holier-than-thou’ Benard!
The Governor smiled and said, ‘’You see…from $20,000 to $200, you have pocketed N19,800 in a space of a second, only you!!!
You have lost the chance to own a brand new car and a good Government Job.
Look at the key and your appointment letter here.
I thought you were an honest man based on the way you have been talking on Social Media.
So, you have messed up your opportunities, you are even worse!
You can leave now with your N19,800..
Thank you very much for coming!!!
Since that very day, Mr. Benard’s voice has disappeared from the radar of Media Airwaves!!!
May we never fail when our loyalty and honesty is tested!!
A lot of people are Bernard waiting to happen. Easy to judge others but when put in similar circumstance, they are worse. The change we want, must begin with each of us. So instead of you trying to change the world, please start changing yourself!!!