Good teachers are gifts
Teachers deserve our love

 Are you a teacher? Are you about becoming one? This short article will bless you with the courage to be even stronger.

Teachers deserve our respect because whatever the reason, whatever the situation, teachers continue to teach. They are teachers who care about students, who know that they are doing something special for the future generation. Good teachers inspire hope, ignite imagination, and instill a love of learning in everyone especially our children. Regardless of how they feel, they are concerned about the best way to help challenging students.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. –Brad Henry

“I still remember my beloved teacher who handled Introductory Technology, 20 years ago at Ihube High School in Okigwe Imo State, Nigeria. He was partially deaf and we all had to shout  loudly for him to hear our answers. We generally called him “You Could See”, because he was fond of saying the words 40 times in 2-hour lectures. He was always curious to know what you are saying when he sees your mouth move. One day, he had to flog one of my student known as “Luke” so hard because he thought he insulted him after misjudging the movement of his lips, but he later apologized. During the time of our graduations, many students bought him lots of GIFTS to appreciate his teaching style even with his condition. Nevertheless, he was a wonderful teacher.

I remembered this story because we are writing about the goodness of our teachers and how much they love their jobs irrespective of their situation. He once told me that he was excited to hear students’ voices and their support during his absence.

I am currently helping a lecturer teaching in Michael Okpara University.

In Our Absence: I have always set up daily routines and expectations so that our students can easily learn when a substitute is present. This helps with classroom management, even when I am not there for the day. The greatest gifts we give our students is always be a model for how to live. As a teacher, you matter to kids more than you can ever imagine, even if you are struggling with sickness. Take care of yourself, and ask your teacher colleagues to organize something for you through student involvement on your behalf.

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