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Happy married secret

As you get older, daily conversation between you and your partner will be very important. Marriage starts with admiration, beauty etc. but these beautiful outlooks will be disappearing as you get older. In my community, i have seen a man at 60, marring a woman at 25. This woman told me yesterday that it is very hard to talk face to face with her husband because she feels inferior before him every time because of his age. The way we communicate tells the other person a lot about us since marriage involves a different person who is neither your brother or sister. Are you and your partner the same person you were when you first met, as in your first year of marriage, or even 10 years into your marriage? No. I am going to venture to assume that you have changed. Your wants and desires have changed. Your interests may have changed. Your needs and likes may have changed too. This is where conversation comes in. You as a reader, what would you like to add to this? are you married, what is your marriage experience concerning this Topic? your views are welcome!! Forum