In Nigeria, I am sorry to say that the system is so bad that majority of the people and organization who suppose to assist poor Nigerians are only interested on how to take advantage of them. Airtel Nigerian Telecommunications have been automatically subscribing me to this so called 902 advert and had been charging me for a service I know nothing about. They advised us to cancel the activation by dialing 902# and follow the instructions. But then when you stop it according to their advice, they will automatically activate it again and charge you for the service you know nothing about. Imagine charging two million Nigerians #20 naira on those auto activation? Think about it!
I want to share with you my research results and how it helped me solve this parasitic Airtel Telecommunication exploitation. It took me time but I finally discovered that it is better to delete the program itself by dialing *902
2# because when you follow their so called 902# and follow their institutions then you are still active on the same automatic program but dialing *9022# will deactivate you from the program. You can still dial 5992# as well to opt-out from every ads. I thank them for making 9022# available for customers nevertheless, I am begging them to help us remove the program since it is unacceptable to automatically subscribe people into a service they nothing about.

For Airtel’s Callshine; Send STOP to 55350 and you will be unsubscribed from the program.

If you have more questions, you can go ahead and ask us as we are always here to help you!